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Our Process

Our three step process includes an initial visit to your location to create a design that maximizes aesthetics and ergonomics, a seamless installation, and maintaining a regular care schedule.


All projects will start from visiting the site where plants to be installed. Light, ventilation, floor material, furniture dimension and color scheme, space layout, nature of the business, style preference and etc will all be integrated into our design elements. Our design goal is to maximize the aesthetics and ergonomics enhancement to your places.


Based on design schematics, our installer will bring in plants and containers in promised time frame and assembled them on spot. All working area will be cleaned after installation. Our team of welder, carpenter, electrician and plant technician can handle almost any display project you may desire.


After installation, our maintenance technician will follow up with regular visits to groom each plant, thoroughly clean containers and insure moss and other top dressing is fresh in appearance. Each plant will also be thoroughly inspected for bugs, where necessary, applying our proprietary green treatment.

If you’re ready to see how Superior Plantscapes can transform your space, call our office at (800) 770-0670 to schedule a consultation.